2004 China.
Fom left Arjen Gorter, Maarten van Norden, Hermine Deurloo, Andy Altenfelder, Boy Raaymakers, Andy Bruce, WB, Bernard Hunnekink, Henk de Jonge, Rob Verdurmen

2001 On boat Prinseneiland.
From left Arjen Gorter, Chris Abelen, André Goudbeek, Bernard Hunnekink, Peter Barkema, Andy Altenfelder, Henk de Jonge, Rob Verdurmen, WB, de schipper, Boy Raaymakers

1998 Schiphol.
From left Andy Altenfelder, Peter Barkema, Boy Raaymakers, Rob Verdurmen, Henk de Jonge, Bernard Hunnekink, Arjen Gorter, WB, Lorre Trytten, Alex Coke, Nico Nijholt

1992 WBK and Mondriaan Strings.
For Yo Yoy Ma bij WB. VPRO television
From left Rena Scholten, Eduard van Regteren Altena, WB, Yo Yo Ma, Ernst Grappenhaus

1992 Music theatre Deze kant op dames!
Text Ischa Meijer, music WB, directed bij Ton Lutz. Performer: Loes Luca.
From left: Peter Barkema, Andy Altenfelder, André Goudbeek, Henk de Jonge, Gregg Moore, Loes Luca, Ton Lutz, WB, Bernard Hunnekink, Boy Raaymakers, Rob Verdurmen, Alex Coke, Arjen Gorter, Ischa Meijer on bike

1991 WBK
Boy Raaymakers, Andé Goudbeeke, Andy Altenfelder, Bernard Hunnekink, Arjen Gorter, Peter Barkema,Henk de Jonge, Rob Verdurmen,Willem Breuker, sitting in front: Greg Moore
photo René Eckhart

1988 Portland, US.
French existentialism act in Portland, US.
From left WB, André Goudbeek, Alex Coke, Andy Altenfelder, Rob Verdurmen, Boy Raaymakers, Joost Buis, Arjen Gorter, Bernard Hunnekink

1988 Münster.
From left Rob Verdurmen, WB, André Goudbeek, Arjen Gorter, Peter Barkema, Andy Altenfelder, Boy Raaymakers, Gregg Moore, Bernard Hunnekink.
Not in sight: Henk de Jonge-piano

1987 On roof.
From left Arjen Gorter, Boy Raaymakers, Chris Abelen, Henk de Jonge, Bernard Hunnekink, Peter Barkema, WB, Andy Altenfelder, André Goudbeek, Rob Verdurmen
Photo Reinko Kuiper

1987 WBK and Mondriaan Strings
From left Erik Kromhout, Chris Abelen, Jan Erik van Regteren Altena, WB, Lorre Trytten, Bernard Hunnekink, André Goudbeek, Henk de Jonge, Eduard van Regteren Altena, Margaret Pestoruis Peter Barkema, Rob Verdurmen, Wieke Meijer, Ad Klink , Arjen Gorter, Boy Raaymakers, Lucia Swarts, Andy Altenfelder

1987 Music theatre Dank u Majesteit.
Jenny Arean and WBK, written and directed by Dimitri Frenkel Frank, music WB.
From left Arjen Gorter, Bernard Hunnekink, Peter Barkema, Boy Raaymakers, André Goudbeek, WB, Andy Altenfelder, Chris Abelen, Jenny Arean, Rob Verdurmen, Henk de Jonge

1985 WBK on the Dutch Antilles.
From left the pilot, Louis Helmer, Rob Verdurmen, Arjen Gorter, André Goudbeek, Joost Buis, WB, Bernard Hunnekink, Alex Coke, Henk de Jonge, Boy Raaymakers, Andy Altenfelder

1985 Musica ’85.
WBK in the parade to Dam Square. Musica ’85, parade for brassbands, drumbands, singers, piano- violin- and saxophone players and streetdancers from all over the Netherlands on Dam square Amsterdam, initiated by Sieuwert Verster, compositions WB

1984 On rails Amsterdam.
From left Rob Verdurmen, Bernard Hunnekink, André Goudbeek, Peter Barkema, Chris Abelen, WB, Henk de Jonge, Arjen Gorter, Andy Altenfelder, Boy Raaymakers
Photo Vincent Mentzel

1984 On balcony Carré theatre.
From left Arjen Gorter, WB, Bernard Hunnekink, Andy Altenfelder, Boy Raaymakers, Henk de Jonge, André Goudbeek, Peter Barkema, Rob Verdurmen
Photo Alwin Mulder

1983 Penderakis.
WBK Penderakis, composition for 10 accordions by WB. From left: Willem Breuker, Bob Driessen, Maarten van Norden, Andy Altenfelder, Boy Raaymakers, Arjen Gorter, Willem van Manen, Rob Verdurmen, Henk de Jonge

1982 Wolkbreuk, WBK, music theatre.
About Holland and their colony Indië, based on the book De Walgvogel by Jan Wolkers. Text Graa Boomsma, music WB, directed by Lodewijk de Boer, performers Frits Lambrechts, Olga Zuiderhoek.
Photo Pan Sok

1981 On stairs.
From left top Bob Driessen, Boy Raaymakers, Maarten van Norden, Andy Altenfelder
mid WB, Henk de Jonge, Willem van Manen
bottom Rob Verdurmen, Arjen Gorter, Bernard Hunnekink
Photo Jean van Lingen

1981 In front of bus.
Clockwise from left WB, Bob Driessen, Maarten van Norden, Bernard Hunnekink, Willem van Manen, Andy Altenfelder, Boy Raaymakers, Arjen Gorter, Rob Verdurmen, Henk de Jonge

1980 De Vuyle Wasch.
WBK, De Vuyle Wasch, music theatre, text Lodewijk de Boer and WB, music WB, directed by Lodewijk de Boer and Mady Misset, performers Frans Mulder, Sylvia Alberts, Yamaika Lempers, Walter van Canoy, Wim de Meyer and Maartje Seyferth.
Photo Bob van Dantzig.

1980 Minimal Dance Avignon France.
From Leo Willem van Manen, Bernard Hunnekink, Andy Altenfelder, Bob Driessen, Maarten van Norden, Rob Verdurmen, Boy Raaymakers, WB, Henk de Jonge, Arjen Gorter

1977 BV Haastshow.
WBK with jazz man Michiel de Ruyter, BVHaastshow, Vpro TV, made by Jaap Drupsteen

1977 WBK, Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.
From left WB, Arjen Gorter, Maarten van Norden, Rob Verdurmen, Leo Cuypers, Boy Raaymakers, Bernard Hunnekink, Willem van Manen, Bob Driessen, Jan Wolff, Remmelt Remmelts

1976 On tour.
Jan Wolff, Rob Verdurmen, Willem van Manen, Maarten van Norden, WB, Boy Raaymakers, Arjen Gorter, Lodewijk de Boer, Bernard Hunnekink, Rob Driessen, Ronald Snijders
Photo John Prins

1975 Anthologie.
Musical theatre, script and directon Lodewijk de Boer, music WB, De Brakke Grond Amsterdam. From left Lyda Polak, Ileana Melita, Leo Cuypers.
Anthologie of the post-war development of Western music. A Baby of the Arts raised by two mothers and a Nazi father, predestined to study music, becomes a hash smoking, whisky drinking bum
Photo Joop Souverijn

1975 WBK.
From left WB, Bob Driessen, Maarten van Norden, Ronald Snijders, Lodewijk de Boer, Willem van Manen

1974 De Kikkeropera, WBK.
From left: Leo Cuypers, WB, Herman de Wit, Bob Driessen, Willem van Manen, Rob Verdurmen, Bernard Hunnekink, Ronald Snijders, Jan Wolff, not in sight Arjen Gorter (bass) and Rob Verdurmen (drums)
Photo Igno Cuypers

1974 De Volharding.
Jim van Valk Bouwman, Willem van Manen, Bernard Hunnekink, Jill Engelhardt, Jan Wolff, Kees Klaver, Maarten van Regteren Altena, WB, Bob Driessen, Herman de Wit
Photo Wim Riemens

1974 De Volharding.
Maarten van Regteren Altena, Louis Andriessen, Dil Engelhard, Jan Wolff, Cees Klaver, Jim v/d Valk Bouman, Bernard Hunnekink, Willem van Manen, Willem Breuker, Bob Driessen, Herman de Wit.

1968 Instant Composers Pool.
From left WB, Misha Mengelberg, Maarten van Regteren Altena, Han Bennink
Photo Pieter Boersma